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  • Pozor d.o.o. for production, sale and services was founded in 1992 and since then has been a 100% private ownership. Our main activities are marketing, advertising and presentation of goods and services on local and foreign market.

    Since the very beginning we have been insisting on quality of products, efficient use of material and time needed, as well as achieving the highest productivity level.

    We have been endeavouring to meet demands of advanced and changeable market through introducing modern technologies and new technological solutions, maintaining quality relationships with our clients, spreading network of suppliers, insisting on environment protection and sustainability as well as waste disposal management, and maintain a good internal organisation.

  • Today we have 35 full time employees, and about 200 students from all over Croatia who we engaged to promote our advertising activities aimed at supervising and controlling promotional material application at targeted locations.

    Flexibility in forming numerous teams on the field, as well as easy and quick transformation into a number of smaller teams provides fast delivery and putting up of materials, visiting and decorating exhibitions and shops throughout Croatia.

    We have a wide range of top quality machines – equipment for graphic design complying with professional preferences, state of the art machines for digital printing, supporting equipment – finishing and confectioning in accordance with requests and needs of a product.

  • Overall technology and technical equipment provide top possibilities of digital printing on various materials including white colour printing.

    Having our own transport provides us with the possibility of placement of products and services in Croatia and nearby countries.

    Depending on client’s demand, the organisation of our teams and distribution of tasks and vehicles enable us to perform advertising campaign within three days all over Croatia; from Dubrovnik across Istria and Kvarner in the north-west region to Slavonia at the very east of the country.

    Our good market placement is guaranteed through keeping in touch with novelties in performance technologies, maintaining quality of products and services as well as an on-going investment in the equipment and education of our employees.

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